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Neuropsychological and psychological services available for all ages

Our Services

Dr. Bowker specializes in the assessment, diagnosis, and treatment of a broad range of psychological disorders associated with conditions affecting the brain. Sandra Bowker and Associates offers neuropsychological assessment and, when needed, follow up treatment to address concerns that were identified as a result of the evaluation. Our services are available by appointment only.

A doctor’s referral is helpful but not always necessary for you to schedule an appointment. Please call (269) 343-3010 to schedule an initial appointments.

This will be your first appointment and will last approximately one hour. At this appointment, the provider will meet with the patient as well as any adults that are able to assist in outlining
background and history. If the identified patient is a minor, both the patient and a legal guardian must be present for this appointment.

Testing and Evaluation
Testing will only be conducted after a comprehensive consultation has been completed. Not every patient will be tested. Together with the provider, you will determine if testing is necessary and, if so, how much testing will be necessary to answer the referral question (s). The amount of time required for testing varies from patient to patient; the length of testing will be determined at the initial consultation according to the doctor’s observations and referral question (s).

Individual Psychotherapy
Our therapists utilize a variety of techniques and methods aimed at assisting each individual patient based on his/her own needs and unique personality. The goals and frequency of therapy will be determined by the patient and his/her provider during the initial therapy session.

Play Therapy
We also offer play therapy opportunity for our younger patients. Play therapy allows children the to express themselves through playing, drawing, building and pretending.

Play therapy is offered for a broad range of childhood disorders, including autistic spectrum disorders, anxiety, depression, defiance, ADHD, and adjustment disorders. Depending on the child's needs and development, these services may be offered to patients as young as 2 years of age.

Policies and Procedures

Our office participates with Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan and Medicare. As a courtesy, we will submits claims to all other commercial insurances on your behalf. Please check with your own insurance provider to inquire about your particular in/out of network benefits. We are not Medicaid providers.

Our office is located on the second floor, and is accessible by elevator. There is a public restroom located on our floor. Both the building and our office are non-smoking. We do not have WiFi and we do not have any eating facilities on site. If you are waiting for a patient to complete the consultation or testing process, we are located within a short driving distance of many restaurants and shopping areas.